Sunset over Lake Taupo and Mt Tongariro, New Zealand

Sunset over Lake Taupo and Mt Tongariro, New Zealand

Description: Lake Taupo is with a surface area of 616 square kilometres the largest lake by surface area in New Zealand. Lake Taupo has a perimeter of approximately 193 kilometres, a deepest point of 186 metres. It is drained by the Waikato River (New Zealand's longest river).
Lake Taupo lies in a caldera created by a supervolcanic eruption which occurred approximately 26,500 years ago. Several later eruptions occurred over the millennia before the most recent major eruption, which occurred in 180 CE. Known as the Hatepe eruption, it is believed to have ejected 100 cubic kilometres of material, of which 30 cubic kilometres was ejected in the space of a few minutes. This was one of the world's most violent eruptions in the last 5000 years. The skies and sunsets formed from this eruption were noted by Roman and Chinese observers. The eruption devastated much of the North Island and further expanded the lake. Taupo's last known eruption occurred around 210 CE, with lava dome extrusion forming the Horomatangi Reefs, but that eruption was much smaller than the 180 CE eruption. The volcano is currently considered to be dormant.
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