New Zealand Falcon, Karearea

New Zealand Falcon, Karearea

Description: The New Zealand Falcon or Karearea, Falco novaeseelandiae, is New Zealand's only endemic falcon and the only remaining bird of prey endemic to New Zealand. Wingspan is about 45 cm and weight rarely exceeding 450g. The male is about two thirds the weight of the female. The New Zealand Falcon nests in a scrape in grassy soil or humus in various locations: under a rock on a steep slope or on a rock ledge, among epiphytic plants on a tree branch, or under a log or branch on the ground, making the two or three eggs that they lay vulnerable to predators such as stray cats, stoats, weasels, possum, and wild dogs.
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Keywords: Falco novaeseelandiae, Glenorchy, Karearea, New Zealand, New Zealand Falcon, birds, fauna, nature

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