Lake Grassmere Saltworks, New Zealand

Lake Grassmere Saltworks, New Zealand

Description: Lake Grassmere is used for natural salt production. Seawater contains just over 2.5 per cent sodium chloride, together with significant amounts of other salts. Some 60,000 to 70,000 tonnes of salt are harvested from Lake Grassmere each year. Sea water is pumped into the 688 hectare main lake continuously throughout summer.
Seawater, fresh from the Pacific Ocean, is pumped into the lake. Warm north-west winds blow across the exposed lake, evaporating water and increasing the concentration of salt. The very salty water is pumped into deep holding pens, then into shallow crystallisation ponds. As the water continues to evaporate, salt forms as a crust on the bottom of the ponds. The remaining water is pumped out and the dried salt is harvested, crushed, washed and moved by giant conveyor belts to form huge mounds of sparkling white crystals.

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