Gannet at Muriwai, New Zealand

Gannet at Muriwai, New Zealand

Description: Gannets (Australasian Gannet, takapu, morus serrator) feed mainly on small fish, which they primarily hunt over the continental shelf and inshore waters. Gannets can dive from a height of 30 m, achieving speeds of 100 km/h as they strike the water, enabling them to catch fish much deeper than most airborne birds. There are a number of gannet colonies around New Zealand, only Muriwai site is accessible by car.

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Keywords: Muriwai Beach, New Zealand, birds, wildlife, nature, Australasian Gannet, takapu, morus serrator, fauna, solan goose, Northland, water, sea

Exif: Exposure: 1/800, Aperture: 9.0, ISO: 100

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