Croydon Bush Scenic Reserve, Gore

Croydon Bush Scenic Reserve, Gore

Description: Croydon Bush is one of the last remnants of original forest, 130 ha got protection in 1895. Subsequent additions have increased the reserve to 867 hectares. In the reserve you can see nice specimens of kotukutuku - tree fuchsia. It is the largest member of the genus Fuchsia, growing to a height of 15m. Kotukutuku are easily recognised by the characteristic appearance of their bark, which peels spontaneously, hanging in reddish brown papery strips to show a pale bark underneath.

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Keywords: Croydon Bush, New Zealand, flora, fuchsia, nature, Gore, Grant's Bush, Dolamore Park, scenic reserve, Kotukutuku, Konini, Tree Fuchsia, Fuchsia excorticata, Waimumu Stream

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