Cape Palliser lighthouse, Wairarapa, New Zealand

Cape Palliser lighthouse, Wairarapa, New Zealand

Description: The rugged coast and notorious Cook Strait gales contributed to many early shipwrecks. While a light on Cape Palliser reduced the number of shipwrecks, the area still remained hazardous for the unwary.
The tower at Cape Palliser has been painted with red and white stripes to make it stand out from the hills behind it.
Cape Palliser lighthouse is still fitted with the original Fresnel lens, which was installed in 1897.
In 1954 the light was converted from oil to diesel-generated electricity.
In 1967 it was connected to mains electricity. A diesel-electric generator provides standby emergency power.
The lighthouse was automated and the keepers were withdrawn in 1986.
The light is monitored remotely from Maritime New Zealand’s Wellington office.
(from the Maritime New Zealand website)

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