Bluff Hill / Motupöhue, Bluff, New Zealand

Bluff Hill / Motupöhue, Bluff, New Zealand

Description: During the Permian period (280 - 235 million years ago), a chain of volcanoes was building land by erupting molten rock from below the surface into the shallow seas around. Motupöhue was formed when molten rock oozed up through the seabed but did not quite reach the surface. Insulated beneath layers of sediment, it cooled slowly, forming a mound of coarse-grained plutonic rock called norite (also known as Bluff
From the summit of Motupöhue you can see the ‘Permian family’; the Takitimu Mountains, the Livingstone Mountains, the Longwood Range and Mount Hananui/ Mount Anglem on Rakiura/Stewart Island, all of which are built of rock formed during the same period.

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