Cavalli Islands, Northland, New Zealand

Cavalli Islands, Northland, New Zealand

Description: The Cavalli Islands are a small group of islands, lie off the coast of Matauri Bay. The group consists of the island of Motukawanui (area 3.4 km2) and the smaller islets of Motutapere, Panaki, Nukutaunga, Motuharakeke, Haraweka, and Motukawaiti Islands. The main island is used as a nature reserve, and some of the smaller islands are privately owned.
Fishing around islands is popular, also holidaying on small pristine beaches in the summer. On the picture is Panaki Island.

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Keywords: Cavalli Islands, New Zealand, Northland, water, ocean, fishing, island, Matauri Bay, Panaki Island, landscape

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