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Reflection of COVID times

Last two seasons have changed my lifestyle significantly. It brought many new challenges, joys and time for reflection.

Thanks to COVID I could fully experience the whole summer in Te Anau and Fiordland for the first time. Without overseas tourists I did not need to be away for weeks touring around the whole country. I could enjoy my son’s company and witness his development. I loved it so much!

Photography, guiding and storytelling

COVID forced me to become a professional photographer a bit. Luckily I have had lots of experience because photography has been my passion for a long time.

I have not wasted time and have done my best to take the most from my photography missions and implement them into my tour guiding profession. I have taken photos all over Southland and Otago, which provided an important part of my income at the time of limited tourism opportunities. Behind many photos are interesting stories - I could learn more about the history of remote places, people’s lives, and better understand the big picture, which I will eventually pass on to my future tour customers.

Photos are very important in our instant world: they convey stories, messages and news, educate, inspire, record, unveil emotions, spark curiosity and cooperation, can bring new ideas, show both the good and dark side of humanity.

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