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Camera gear

Winter is slowly fading, we got more sunshine, this winter was pretty mild here in Te Anau. I have been slowly uploading “new” photos to the website. Actually some of them are even 10 years old. Those days I used Minolta 650, later Sony A100, now new A55. Currently I use Sigma lenses, 24-70 2.8 DG HSM, 120-400 4.5-5.6 APO HSM and newly 10-20 3.5 DC HSM. The first two I love, they are perfect. Actually the 120-400 is amazing lens. The wide angle 10-20 is so so. I use it often and basically it is sufficient lens but I would not buy it again. I mention all this because when I bought the 24-70 lens I felt like I got a brand new camera, not old A100. Since then the photos are far better, crisp and sharp. In the past I was reluctant to invest to a new expensive lens but now I know that it can be better choice than to buy a new body. I was satisfied with my old A100, it was the first affordable DSLR with 10 million pixels. If I did not wash it in a big wave (of salt sea water) it would be still alive :-) Next week I go to Northland, I look forward to being there again, with the new camera I might get better sharp pictures. It reminds me that quite a few old photos taken by Minolta I value more than many new ones. I took far less pictures but the result was better. I guess old camera kept me vigilant, thinking about composition. Unlike today I can be lazy, take several shots in a row and choose the best one.

Anyway it is still challenge to take an unusual picture of a place that was million times photographed by all - from amateurs to famous professionals. Lets go to find a new unusual angle for an unclichéd pic...